During the summer, you can’t drive east on Mack Avenue without passing at least 3 churches with barbeque cookin’ away in the parking lot. You can stop and get a plate made up for a hymn which, may forevermore redefine your views on the existence of a divine supreme being.

Pastry from anywhere is good.
Savory pastry from India is gooder.
The curry dishes here are also quite goodly.
Lunch hours.

You pick three kinds of sausage from a mouthwatering list. These have been steaming in a double boiler like the kind found in your grandmother’s basement.  Into a pita they go for under 5 bucks, add cheese if you want. Are you kidding me? No. This is also a great source for pre packaged gumbo ingredients.

This taco cart is located inside a gas station. Old school, double-wrapped flour or corn tortillas filled with asada, carnitas, or carbon. No Tacos de Cabeza , (literally, “head tacos”) such as sesos (brains) though. Like sugar? Chase your food with a Jauritos soda. Good enough for Andre Grewe. For more timid Anglos, the guy makes a bacon wrapped hot dog that has your name on it.

Go here. Order an espresso, single or doppio. Sit down. Drink it from a ceramic cup. If the rest of your day is awful, you will have these wonderful few minutes in your bank. Located in arguably the two most beautiful buildings in Detroit, Stella also serves wonderful scones and Panini sandwiches.

It is what it is. A deep fried plank of mystery fish nestled in a white hot dog bun with tartar AND hot sauce. This is NOT a fish sandwich. It can be obtained at many Detroit Coney Islands but, the one at U of D is a good one.